Simon on island to recover second timberThe next task was to recover the second large timber from the river.

This was situated at the downstream end of the small island that had formed since the fall of the tree.

Its position is indicated by the red arrow.

Attaching rope to timberHere Simon clears debris from around the timber before carefully attaching a rope with which we could pull the timber to the river bank.

Securing timber with harness to pull it up the bankOnce at the river bank getting out was to prove another problem as the timber was of much greater mass than the previous one.


Landrover winching timber on to top of the bankRecovered TimberA stronger harness was attached to the timber and it was then winched up onto the bank with the winch on the Landrover.

Dr Lageard and Simon examine timberHere Dr Lageard examines the timber under the watchful eyes of Countryside Ranger Simon Wood.

They are looking for a suitable site from which to take a sample for analysis.

Round peg in rectangular holeA close look at the timber protruding from one end of the main piece showed that someone had stuck a round peg into, in this case, a rectangular hole and then used a separate piece of wood to wedge it firmly into place.

While it is an interesting piece of timber, I am not sure that it is related directly to the site of the original timbers. It will be interesting to see what the analysis says.