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I wrote at the start of my July report that it was raining heavily and that we had 600 bales getting wet.

Rainfall for AugustThey were soaked and the hay which we took such care in making was virtually ruined in the bale as it rained for the first 3 days non stop.

We have now carted the bales and the heifers can pick them over this winter as feed or bedding.

The monthly rainfall total being 93mm this all fell during the first half of the month the second half being dry.

Old tank - New troughOld tank - New trough fullBack in April 2000 we fitted a new milk tank and the old one was scrapped and this month we have turned the old shell ( the stainless steel liner went for scrap) into a drinking trough for the cows on the Middle meadow.

Given the warm second half of August the cows found it very welcome particularly as they now only need to walk around 50m for water instead of 200m.

Angus calf - big one for his breedWe have had 3 calves born this month 2 Black and White Bulls and 1 Angus Bull pictured here at less than 24 hours old. As calves go for this breed he is huge.

The main project for this month has been putting a new floor in the cellar as the damp in the dining room was going to ruin both carpet and furniture.

The concrete had to be mixed with the tractor and mixer and then poured down through the window (yes the cellar has a window) to be laid.

Removing bricks from bricked up windowThe window had to be re-opened to do this as it had been bricked up about 50 years ago. We have decided to leave it open from now on and have fitted a new frame (Simon, Sarah, Hannah and Becky have plans for a "games room").(Webbies comment - if you belive it's the kids games room you'll belive anything)

New windowframe in place - we left the bars in placeThe bars would have been fitted to keep out thieves. Probably during the depression in the 1930's as the cellar was used as we use a fridge and as people were literally starving, stealing food was sometimes the only option.

It certainly shows a difference from the TV's and Videos preferred by today's thief. Certainly a reminder of harder times.

Lost Sarah!!!The maize crop is continuing to grow and the warm dry weather has really boosted it. It is 2.5m high now and we have given Sarah a flag this month to show where she is.

Grass is also growing well and Richardsons will be coming silaging within the next few days. This should not take long as we only have 7ha to do.

Mid month also saw some peace and quiet as this page of family life shows.

It is now getting dark by 8.30 at night and the children return to school on the 5th .

Click here for the nature report It is quite a long one this month so please be patient if it takes a while to load all the images.

See you next month PHIL.



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