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59mm of rain fell in July but mostly as showers (one burst of 19mm)† so no effects on hay and silage. Simonís 21st passed off a success and now my next projects are more brickwork on the shed and we have some calves to dis-bud. Tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday sees the roadshow in action at the playdays events organized by Vale Royal council Northwich , Winsford and Frodsham respectivly. Do come along and say hello†learn more here

I have spent the last 3 days on the playdays events and can report they were a major success even though Tuesday and Wednesday we both wet. While I was away we have had Angus twins born mother and the calves doing well on the Orchard. Wednesday saw Simon taking his trailer road test as post 1997 drivers are limited to a weight of 3/4 tonne not much given some of the things we pull with the landrover. He passed so now for example he can take livestock to market in the trailer.

Last Sunday was our silver wedding aniversary and so for a start I’d like to thank Dorothy for putting up with me.  It all happens in August here and it’s Sarah’s 19th next week. Back on the farm and we are waiting for the grass to grow for second cut and so we have been spending time on painting and cleaning in the milking parlour  and as soon as it gives us chance (stops raining) we need some repairs to the cubicle shed roof. August is often one of the wettest months of the year and this year is no exception with around 70mm so far.  Also we are now putting a finishing surface to our improved back yard/machinery park so we should be able to walk on it without the risk of a broken ankle. Since her accident Dorothy hasn’t been near there.  Bank holiday Monday sees us off to Margaret and Mick’s at the Summer fayre with the roadshow.

The summer fayre passed off a success without rain as when I delivered the trailer on Sunday they were worrying as it would have been very wet underfoot had it rained. Also there was Keith  the new man in Macclesfield NFU. We have decided to combine our efforts for 2009.  Back at Greenheyes and we are grazing the re-seed on the Humpety back field with the cows and I have been helping Phil and Olivia sorting out their septic tank over at the cottage.  Next on the agenda is vaccinating all the cattle against the Blue Tongue virus. This is currently causing great problems over in Europe and given the UK’s island status vaccination gives us a chance to stop the disease before it takes hold.  

On that sombre note bye for now PHIL



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