August 2009
My first blog of August reported a completly dry day today the first for about 4 weeks it shows with the fact that we had 104mm of rain in July. Today and yesterday had been spent on the playdays events at Northwich and Winsford and they were both very well attended and I must thank the two ladies who helped me with the trailer. I have 15 chicks with me and spent several times with an empty box this is my defenition of busy.
Back on the farm we have nearly finished grazing the farmside half of the drive field and have grazed the middle banks off ( again). I think weather and staff permitting we should get our trailers unloaded this weekend. I’m also planning to put the sawbench on and finish cutting up the final pile of wood on the orchard and stack it ready for next winter. On Sunday the forecasters gave out a dry week and tody it has been revised to rain and showery with strong winds for the weekend. Rather a mistake if you are like some of our neighbours and are trying to make some hay or bale some straw(22mm rain so far this month). Yesterday Emma and I spent the afternoon electric fencing the top paddock on the long field and the cows will be on it today and at present I’m on logging ready for Winter assuming the rain stops. The log stores are now full and I’m hoping to silage next week. On Thursday we spent the night without electricty in the house due to a shower fault. While Simon the electrician was here he has serviced the dirty water pump electrics so I can now pump the tank out instead instead of just using the tanker. Sarah’s 20th birthday on Monday as if we are allowed to forget it !! Silaging is on hold due to the wet weather so I’m hoping to get on with fitting the new woodburner in the dining room. Quiz night tonight at the Three Greyhounds and one of the subjects ( dear to my heart) is the Ashes WE WON !!!!!!!!! Now on to Give the Aussies a good thrashing in the 20/twenty and one day series.

The last day of the month saw me out at Margaret and Mick’s Summer Fayre with Macclesfield NFU’s Keith and Leek’s Claire and we got our display trashed by Heli-med 8 the air ambulance responding to a call for a lady taken ill at the event. I must point out that part of the funds raised go to the air ambulance service. Here is Keith un-phased continuing to chat to a customer literally a couple of minutes post damage. Daisy our have a go milking cow literally flew and landed 5yds away in folded down state. Keith and Claire had moved our leaflets but the lightweight tables ended in a pile as the photo shows. Keith said it was the most exciting event of the day but I disagreed WE are that I told him. More soon PHIL