August 2010
We have bought another 784 as it should be the quickest solution to our tractor problems and also we have sent the Universal 445′s injection pump for a repair/service at Dales in Burslem. July saw 56mm of rain so I think the drought is now coming to an end the only problem now is that we can’t seem to get three dry days together to combine and bale the barley. Last month I was talking about sowing rape as an extra feed anticipating harvesting the Winter Barley by the end of the first week of August and NEVER envisaged being still involved with the harvest by the end of the month. Also we were joined by David a prospective vet student from Birmingham and I think he has enjoyed himself (even the two days spent on the Playdays events for the Cheshire West Council) and is planning to visit during the winter to see the bigger picture of dairy farming. Speaking of vet students Nat is now officially no longer a student having PASSED her final exams she is now a practising Vet in Newcastle Under Lyme. Congratulations to Nat. I am started to clear the yard by the classroom as Sarah’s 21st is only two weeks away. Also I have been converting a shipping container into a staff toilet this seems to be well on it’s way and I needed be able to site it to free up the front yard where it had been placed on delivery to allow removing the old mobile whose walls are now somewhat fragile. Junior quiz round one is on the 16th so good luck MYFC . We held Sarah’s 21st birthday party on the 28th of August and JD Marquees lined the shed out for us and it looked fantastic we now have some friends looking at using it for their wedding next year.