Molly the Border CollieHello I'm Molly, No not the human the good looking Border Collie. I'm 1yr old and I'm going to tell you about family life on Greenheyes Farm along with Smidge the 1/2 Border 1/4 Lakeland 1/4 Jack Russell terrier. Smidge (that's her on the right) is my best friend, and as you tour around the site you will see us on many of the pictures.

The Average Day

Our day starts when the radio alarm goes off at 5.40am. Phil listens to the farming programme until 6.00am. Then its downstairs and into the barn to start the mill (having put the kettle on first).

Back to the house and switch on washing machine dishwasher etc make tea drink it and start properly.

Milking takes approximately 2 hours ( including cleaning the parlour afterwards and scraping the slurry away from the cubical shed ) .

Then we feed all the youngstock ( hay, corn, straw and silage ) and any small calves that are on milk. If we have any pigs they are then fed and finally at approx 10-10.30am its into the house for breakfast.
(As you see its us who get fed last !)

Breakfast can take 10mins- 2hours depending on the job waiting outside or the demands of the phone.

As it is still winter I’ll talk about what we do now and update later.

The pigs need cleaning out, cows need their rolled barley at around midday and feeding silage, all the cattle need straw bedding this is put out with the “straw-chopping machine” on the tractor.

Lunch is usually at about 2-3pm then usually any jobs for example repairs etc and then at about 5pm its feed the youngstock and then start milking again.

Finally finishing at approx 8.30pm in the house tea bookwork, watch T.V, computer work then bed at around 11.45pm.

Contents of Family Life

Family History: Some family history for all you Smallwood Genealogists out there. (Note. I've only just started on this project so I am afraid that the information may be limited to start with.)

Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to the questions we are asked when demonstrating the NFU trailer.(If your qestion is not listed why not e-mail me and I will try an answer it for you.)

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