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On the 19th we all headed south for the annual weeks holiday. We had along with Paul, Margot, Hannah and Becky booked a cottage near the village of St Cleir.

The facilities were excellent with a pool literally a few steps from the door and we all made good use as this photo shows.

First days visit was the national marine centre in Plymouth which boasts the biggest tank in Europe and it was great to see the fish. Paul took these pictures of some of the more colourful types.

Nearby is the recently opened "Mayflower Centre" dedicated to the famous pilgrim fathers voyage to the new world.

I found it interesting that quite a number of the passengers were not pilgrims at all but were just immigrants looking for a better life.

While looking at the harbour Paul spotted this boat owned by another Phil and took this photo (we didn't try the cruise).

Another day was spent in the city of Truro and while the girls studied the shops we visited the city's Cathedral. Over the years I have stood in may great buildings like this but they still amaze me.

Wednesday was supposed to be the driest day of the week so we visited what has become Cornwall's main attraction the Eden Project.

You really have to visit to appreciate the size of those domes and the plant life both inside and out is spectacular. Besides the various plants

Paul photographed this insect we don't know whether it is a foreign or UK resident so if you recognise it please get in touch.

The next day we spent at the fishing village of Mevagissiy where Paul and Margot spent their honeymoon some years ago at the Valley Park Hotel.

I thought it interesting to see the working boats of Mevagissiy pictured here in compression to the pleasure yachts we saw at Plymouth earlier in the week.

Our final visit was to a real "character" Paul Corrin and his world of music.

Paul restores and is an expert on pipe organs from the late 19th and early 20th centauries and he gives a guided tour of some of the organs on show.

Here he is pictured at his Wurlitzer cinema organ.

Finally Sarah pictured here sampling the coca cola??? in the pub and the morning after... speaks for itself :-)








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