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On the 20th of August the annual Game Fair was held at Peover (pronounced "peever" not "pe over" :-) and despite a somewhat dull and damp start to the day the rain held off and the day brightened up.

We arrived fairly soon after the gates opened and as you can see from the photograph, even then there were many others who had already arrived.

As we approached the Greenheyes trailer we could see that Phil was already beginning to attract attention.

It was the beginning of a busy day for him which is partially his own fault for being so entertaining.

we were invited by local NFU secretaries Liz and Gill.

Here they are in the adjoining NFU tent dealing with another satisfied customer.

During the day they were to be kept as busy as Phil.


One of the favourite attractions was the model milking cow.

With it you could try your hand at milking a cow and get a feel as to what it is like to milk a real cow. Other displays such as the Touch & Feel boxes, in which you had to guess the contents only by touch and feel, also proved popular.

However I think the most popular were the young turkey chicks.

The children, and adults, loved to hold and stroke them with many wanting to take them home, however these were already spoken for.

The photograph on the left was shown on the front page and you were asked what you thought it might be?



The answer, shown on the right is a horse shoe. At least one in the making.

One of the competitions held at the fair is for Farriers. This is a highly skilled craft and the shoeing of horses can only be undertaken by a qualified and registered Farrier or Vetnary Surgeon and is covered by an Act of Law.

A Blacksmith may also shoe horses, but must be registered as a Farrier in order to do so.

There are also various competitions for dogs .

In this photograph a labrador practices its retrieving skills by recovering a dummy bag (substitute for a bird) from a pond.


While on the right, a spaniel undertakes a different obstacle course to retrieve its dummy bag.

With some of the younger and less experienced dogs these competitions can be quite amusing to watch.

There was also an interesting falconry display.

This Peregrine falcon (actually it is a cross bred bird from a Peregrine falcon and I think a Saker falcon) provided amusement when it decided that sitting in a tree watching strange bipedal creatures was easier than working for a living.

There were many other events taking place, unfortunately I was distracted from taking photographs of them.

However from this small selection you can get some idea of what goes on. If you are reasonably local why not make it a day out next time it is held.



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