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Security seemed to be the main concentration of the visit and as our padlock to the dairy door was missing (it had been used securing a gate) he advised me to get another.

Pictured here as recommended a combination lock which only ourselves and the tanker driver should know the combination to.

Also the door between parlour and dairy this has been done with a hasp and pin as once it is fastened it can only be opened from in the dairy, which is padlocked.

Also I was to remove the old milk vat sprayer. These were used to apply chemical to the milk vat after empting however they do not meet modern water regulations and are obsolete. Ours hadn’t been used for years so it is now on the scrap metal pile.

Besides checking the milking buildings David also checked the cattle buildings and then to the house.

Here is David checking the records we keep such as medicine use and our emergency contingency plans and a new one, pest control records.
As I am a qualified problem.

All this is to help ensure that the milk we produce for you to drink is of the highest standard.


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