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Welcome to 2000 hope you have all recovered from the festivities!!!!!!

First I have to say a BIG HELLO to Daniel at Hebdon Green School. I hear you are a regular visitor to the site Daniel, Give my regards to all your friends and teachers. Phil.

We have had 6 calves this month and 5 have been black and white bulls (this makes a "run" of 7 since the last heifer was born) . Fellow farmers reading this will know the current value (£20 the lot) however I have a market worked out and they are all on the bucket and are doing well.

The only other calf was a beef breed called a Blond'aquitaine and he is still with his mother and will go to market on the 7th.

Sprading the slurryspreading the slurry2Early in the month we put another chassis under the muckspreader and for the last 2 weeks I have spent my time emptying the slurry store. Firstly onto the milestone and now on the rancho.

New bulk tankOn the 17th we have taken delivery of another milk vat. This will replace the 2 currently in the dairy. It is bigger by approx 700 liters than the combined total of the existing 2 and the engineers will install it next month.


The sheep have been collected today (31st) and are now back at Buxton.

Next month we should be showing the vat installation and the clickable farm building map should be operational.

See you next month Phil


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