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Another year passes and we are now entering out 10th full year with Greenheyes.com. Last month’s rain was 68mm quite dry but at present I can’t empty the gauge as it is frozen solid. The temperature outside is currently -3.1c and falling (last night’s low -9c). I seem to remember reading a weather forecaster’s prediction for a mild and wet winter. Hmmmmmmm !! We are currently muckspreading and the aim is to be clear by the end of the week but as things are going I’m suspecting we will be carting water to some of the heifers tomorrow as they are currently frozen up and their water trough will be empty tomorrow so it will be out with the milk churn carting water to fill them up. So much for that prediction the temperature went up and at present it’s 5.5c and we finished the muckspreading yesterday (excluding today’s production) so now unless the rain really sets in again we can load straight up the ramp ( subject to a new scraper tractor front wheel bearing). Next major project is fitting a disabled toilet in the shed.

New PupI MIGHT have found us a new pup as James a farmer we see out with his “duck herding” display during the summer’s roadshows might just know where there is a litter so fingers crossed. Good news we have been to look and have chosen our new collie pup and as she was only born on Christmas day it will be another 2 weeks before we fore we take delivery. Back on the farm it’s down to routine work as wet weather prevents any fieldworks at all. However by the end of this week we will have a full disabled toilet facility fitted improving what we have to offer.

Hedging project

The new hedging project has been cleared by the Middlewich High School students and we are hoping to start planting the new hedge next week.  This will be a conservation mixture using several different species of hedge designed to imitate the older hedges already established on the farm. When the old hedges were planted they would have been just Hawthorn and the various other species have naturally seeded themselves over several hundred years.

More soon PHIL.



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