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Herd of cattleCattle are the main enterprise on the farm.

We currently have 56 milking cows, but this is on the increase. We are aiming for 72.


We also rear all our own replacements, (see From Birth to Milking Cow) and currently have 48 black and white heifers ranging from just a few weeks up to 2.5yrs old.

These are of the Holstein dairy breed which give qood quantities of quality milk. Most Cheshire dairy cattle are of this type.

We keep a small number of beef cattle, currently 5 in total. Usually they are small twin heifers that would have been of no value to market. They most often end up in our own freezer.

PigletWe have a small fattening pig enterprise. Fattening them on waste such as milk, lawn clippings, spilt feed from the milking parlour, and some of our own barley.

They generally end in the same place as the beef and also amongst family and friends

SheepWe do not own any sheep but between December and the end of January we have sheep on the farm from a collegue farming near to Buxton in Derbyshire.

They play a valuable part in the grassland managment as they will "tidy up" the fields when it is to wet to allow the cattle on them.


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