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I’m not normally beaten by a stuck bolt, a seized bearing, or a cog that’s tight on a shaft however this job got the better of me and I had to call in my friend Andy Green.

The bearing located behind the main drive cog on the spreader had collapsed and needed renewing, putting the bearing on is the EASY part of this job, its taking the cog off to get at the bearing that is the DIFFICULT part.

I tried prizing with a steel bar, prizing and heating the cog with a gas torch, and then welding two nuts to the cog and using a steel plate with bolts through (sorry no pics) to try to move the cog, ALL to no avail.

Next stop Andy Green’s and more drastic action.

Firstly Andy drilled two holes in the cog to allow this special “puller” to be attached (this is the same principal as my “nuts and plate” method) but a more professional approach.

Having gone to all this trouble it STILL would NOT move.

The next day I consulted the makers and was told to carefully cut the cog from the shaft care is needed as a new cog is expensive. Here is the cog is 3 pieces after cutting.

However re-welded and the bearing replaced the spreader has spread about 50 trouble free loads certainly one of the most stubborn bearings I’ve ever had.

Thanks Andy…..PHIL.



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