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Rainfall graph59mm of rain and around 20mm of that during the 29th and 30th meant that yet another quite dry month.

The Winter wheat has now been sown on the Humpety Back and we also now have a nearly finished shed 95% internally.

Earlier in the month and it was the annual visit from the Manchester University and it was quite a contrast.

The morning group I took round needing only tee shirts however the afternoon group needed coats for both warmth and wet protection as the temperature had dropped around 5c together with some heavy showers.

This shows me back in the shed during the afternoon session all seemed glad of the brew on offer.

Party in the new shedThe big push on the shed was for one of this years big events Hannah’s 21st birthday party. Here it is with party in full swing apart from we really needed another gas heater it went really well.

We seem to be in a calving run with our Angus breed of heifer calves and this month is just the same we now have another 2 to go with last months 2 all doing very well but not worth as much as the bulls at market so I think they will be staying with us for some time to come (late spring to be exact).

It is now EIGHT years since the launch of and I never ever expected the reaction and following the site has attained.

We receive mail from throughout the world and have visitors in person to match.

Our aim for January 2008 is to launch a more regular “Phil's Blog” with the hope of giving a more day by day note of events here on the farm with an email link for comments which we hope to show on an end of month summary together with my replies if appropriate.

Fog hides the Drive FieldThis picture isn’t out of focus or with a steamed up lens it’s taken on the 4th and shows what can be seen of the cows on the Drive field the rest were hidden out in the fog.

They didn’t come in during daytime until the 15th of November this year as ground conditions and mild weather have kept them wanting to go out and cows being cows if you don’t let them go they soon become restless and withhold their milk.

Next month sees Christmas and the never ending chore of muckspreading together with a visit for the Peter Pans pre-school nativity.

Click here for Andy’s nature report see you soon PHIL

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