By 1950 tractors had appeared at Greenheyes and Mr Carter had decided to make hay in bales.

These were the same in size as we make today however the machinery did differ.

The hay turner seen here was known as a “Kicker” and if you look carefully you can see (as with many implements used when tractors appeared) it had been converted from a horse drawn machine the seat is still in place.

The tractor powers modern balers like Alan’s but this baler has its own engine.

Few of these early balers survived as the engine was petrol and the combination of dry hay and a hot engine eventually saw them come to a fiery end.

Bales were loaded by hand or pitchfork onto the trailer pulled by a tractor as we see here not like ourselves with the bale loaders.


The final word must go to George the Waggoner who still went to load up his horse and cart.