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Kids in the holeLast month I detailed our plans for sowing grass seed and big bale silaging. However the best plans can be rained off. We seem to regularly show you pictures of flooded fields well this one is of the hollow in the Drive Field. The point I am making is that there is sandy soil under this field and it is very well drained, yet the fields are so saturated that it makes no difference!

One of our friends keep weather records and his previous most rain for October was approx. 90mm(3 ") this October has been over 150mm (6").

We have had 7 calves born this month. 3 black and white bulls, 3 black and white heifers (hooray), and 1 Belgian blue heifer. Up till the last 2 years it was common for cows to be out in the fields until mid November ours came in on the 23rd and all our neighbors have done the same, only some youngstock remain outside.

Tractor engine now back in placeThe tractor is now fully repaired, and working again. I must thank Crewe engines for their repair on the crankshaft. You can visit them on www.creweengines.co.uk

Picture of Smidge by 3yrs old JamesSmidge is well on the road to recovery and seems to be enjoying life as a housedog. Thank you to 3yrs old James for his get-well message and picture (seen here) I will keep the e-mail link for another month if anyone else wishes to send their messages smidge@greenheyes.demon.co.uk .

Completed shed wallOur building work on the shed is now complete and just needs to have the various bits of timber and machinery moved out to be ready for the cattle. Today (30th) I was visited by Paul from Buxton to see when we wanted the sheep for the winter. Paul now has his own homepage visit him on www.buxtonshepherdslamb.co.uk

November should see changes to the site as now we celebrate a year up here in cyberspace you should get a new front-page and our URL will become Greenheyes.com Also the NFU trailer is on the road visiting Hawthorne School at Audenshaw near Manchester.

Finally judging by our correspondence we are being followed by an increasing number of American surfers from over the pond (Welcome to the site) so as you have seen I am adding imperial measures to our figures (comments please). Take care on Bonfire night and

I'll see you next month Phil
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