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Rain with a vengeance this month with 91mm falling however the temperatures have not fallen and have remained around 16c.

We are feeding silage to the cows at about one bale/day but with the warm weather they are only just managing to eat it as there is still plenty of fresh grass to be found.

Autumn grass is quite lush and so it travels through a cows system somewhat making milking a rather dirty process this cow had obliviously been standing in the wrong place in the collecting yard.

By the end of October last year the cows were housed day and night due to the wet.

On the 2nd we hosted a training day for Hannah and her team from DEFRA.

Here they are sat in the yard before a days study on our stewardship.

Notice the seating these are the roof purlins for the new shed.

The 10th to the 14th was national school milk week and firstly we visited Greenfields school in Winsford.

The council in Winsford are keen supporters of the school milk scheme and here is the mayor councillor Tony Hooton milking our fold out cow.

I don’t know who had the most fun Tony or the kids

Next day on to Lister school in Liverpool here am I one of the pupils together with national school milk co-ordinator Wendy Lockett. Great fun Wendy and thanks for inviting us.

To learn more about the school milk scheme click here www.schoolmilk.co.uk

Back at home and there is nothing like a deadline to make you work and ours is to have a shed erected with roof on by November the 5th for the bonfire night.

Here is Simon with the first set of rafters we bolted together and here they are being put up by next door neighbour James with his JCB loadall.

As you see the DEFRA seat used earlier in the month coming to its real use.

End of the month and Richardsons are coming next week to harvest the maize and Webby has camera at the ready. Speaking of which don't forget our nature page

As we start November it starts our seventh year of Greenheyes.com a BIG thanks to all for your support.

See you next month PHIL.

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