A Pitchfork or Pikle

The Pitchfork or Pikle, in one form or anther has been used for centuries as both a farm implement and also as a weapon.

The Romans used a 3 pronged fork or trident as a weapon for example.

Phil demonstrates his home guard trainingHow do you get it off?These pictures show how to “pitch” a bale with one as well as showing the two prongs.






Finally the “armed peasant” look.

A "SIMPLE" ItemThe armed peasant often appears in a film role either attacking the monster’s castle in Frankenstein or chasing a shot down pilot in a war film.

A simple item (and he's not talking about the pitchfork) yet with great use when holding a pitchfork.

Just a joke phil, put the fork down, someone call the police, HELP arrrrgh.






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