September 2009
13/09/091/09/09 16.44 BST. Silaging is still on hold yet August has been a month with showers of “just enough to stop you working” the monthly total being 41mm. I have brought up a large ash branch for the logging as we will need some shorter logs for our new log burner ( our main one will take a 24″ long log). 07.17 BST Finally got going with the silaging yesterday and a short afternoon saw us clear the milestone field. Breakdown free we should finish today. I seem to have aquired the buckraking job I’m sure that wasn’t part of the deal with Simon and Peter. Silaging finished and the sheet back on the clamp. The first cut looks and smells nice so I can now forget the clamp until November. Starting last week we have been working with the Cheshire Youth foundation with dis-illusioned school pupils and yesterday we re-started the footbridge project and they worked hard and the basic frame of the base is now in place. More soon with the second group. I have been on a course down at Stoneleigh park in Warwickshire as part of an update for my CEVAS ( countryside educational visit accreditation scheme) and this is to do with a new secondary school qualification ( part of the national curriculum) called land based learning and once I have done my homework and it has been marked we hope to be approved for any school to use us. Back on the farm and half of the deck on the footbridge so it should soon be finished well done to our team. Last week was our annual inspection which went well with the usual few small things to finish. This Wednesday is the ploughing match as always the last Wednesday of September this was a very old example pictured during our visit so more soon. PHIL