December 2005

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61 millimeters of rain for December closes 2005's rainfall. This means that 2005 just pips 2001 for the honour of being our third wettest year.

Comparison of Monthly Rainfall

At one point it was in the running for our driest but a damp last quarter ended that hope.

2003 holds onto its title of the driest with just 667 mm of rain.

Comparison of Annual Rainfall

Our last graph shows the average monthly rainfall for the 5 years that we have been collecting data.

Average Monthly Rainfall from JAN 2001 to DEC 2005

March holds its position as our driest month, rather than one of the summer months.

Next month I may have a few extra graphs to show as Phil has given me a load of data from his weather station that I can play with.

Have a happy New Year


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