July 2006

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With just 6mm of rain this month, we have a new holder for the record of driest month of the year with 50% less rainfall than the previous holder August 2003 which had had 12mm.

Rainfall from Jan 2001 until the end of July 2006

This has given us 312mm of rain for the year so far. this is 48mm less than the same time last year.

Rainfall for July from 2001 to 2006

Yearly rainfall to End of July 2006

Average monthly rainfall from Jan 2001 to July 2006

Why not start your own weather station up either at school or home and compare your results to ours. we would be interested to see them.

Well that's about it for now, we hope that you find this new section interesting and would be glad to hear any comments / ideas that you might have.

More next month PHIL.



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