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The rolling millThe barn is situated below the grain bins and this is a picture of the grain "rolling mill" .

This machine rolls the grain flat, and enables the livestock to digest it easier.

Barley before milling

Before Milling

Barley after milling

After Milling

Also pictured here is an example of the barley before and after it has been rolled.


The barn, like many of the older buildings on the farm, has over the years been occasionally modified.

If you you look closely at the picture on the left a clue to this process may be seen in the bricks of the rear wall.

There you can see, almost fossil like, the remains of an old doorway into the barn. If you look closely at many of the old buildings around you, they often have these brick "fossils" within their walls which can give valuable clues to the use of the building in times past. Talking of times past have a quick look at the barn in 1970


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