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image map of farm buildings

The above image is a clickable image map of the main farm buildings. Just move your mouse over the buliding you wish to learn more about and left click or you can click on one of the links below.

The Farm House

The Cubical Shed

The Milking Parlour

The Bulk Tanks

The Heifer Cubicles

The Stockyard

The Rearing Pens

The Lean-To

The Piggery

The Barn / Grain Store

The Silage Clamp

The Slurry Store

The Collecting Yard

The Implement Shed

For the Archaeologically minded amongst you I hope eventually to produce a historical account of the farm. Any pointers as to how I might go about this would be gratefully received as it is a little out of my field (get it, field, oh well :-) of expertise.

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