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silage clampSilage is grass pickled in its own juice. This is done by packing it tightly together and sealing out the air.

There are 2 ways of doing this :

Either by big bales ( the large round/square ones you can just see in the lefthand photograph covered in plastic) or in a "clamp".

cross section of silage clampOur clamp measures 10m by 27m by 3m and when full will hold about 650 tonnes.

It has walls made from girders and railway sleepers and has a sealed concrete base.

After the grass has been cut and put in it is sealed by covering it with a plastic sheet weighed down by old car tyres.

Any excess juice that may leak out during this process is called effluent.

This is collected in a 20,000 litre tank to be spread to be spread on the fields for careful disposal as it can be a powerful pollutant.

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