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The Farm HouseOur farm house has 4 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs with a playroom by the bathroom. Dining room, sitting room, office, living room,kitchen and pantry downstairs together with a utility/porch at the rear of the house.

There is also a 3 room attic and a cellar, and we still don't seem to have any space.

The utility/porch at one time would have contained 2 coal fired boilers, 1 for the clothes washing and one to boil the pig swill, on most farms the old piggery is near the house as the pigs were generally fed on scraps (swill) and whey as most farms would have made cheese .


Meat hookThe current living room would have been workers accommodation and there is still a hook on one beam where a pig would have been hung after slaughter. We know that originally, there were stairs from this room to the play room .

Our bathroom above the living room is 5m x 5m and this was the workers bedroom.

The dining room is situated above the cellar and is a cool room by modern standards this was the cheese store and there are still holes in the door to assist the air flow.

Down to the cellarDown in the cellar there are still the stone "curing " slabs for the pig meat and a slate trough for salting the meat to make bacon and ham.

There are other places where we can see that doors once have been but however I can offer no explanations for them.

We think that parts of the house are at least 300 years old.



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