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The milking parlour photo 01Our milking parlour will milk 6 cows at once.

This type of milking parlour is known as an abreast parlour.



milking parlour photo 02In this type of parlour the cattle stand side by side with their backs towards the milker. For a herd of our size it is ok but if we were to be milking over 80 cows we would probably need to use a herringbone parlour. Most large herds in Cheshire use this type.


milking parlour photo 03Ours is well mechanised, the cows are fed electrically and the clusters (the part which goes onto the cows udders) are automatically removed when the cow is finished milking.

In our neighbours farm they have a computer controlling the process.

The milk from the cows is piped into the dairy where it is stored in bulk tanks.

To see a more detailed account of how the milking process is carried out click here


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