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Meet our first sponsor, Agricultural Agent and Pest Controller, Jim Chadwick

Pictured here controlling pigeons on our winter barley crop last year.
Moles to Mice, Rabbits to Red Deer, Foxes to Flying insects (wasps nests a speciality) Jim will tackle it.

Jim also sells cattle feeds for 2 major suppliers in our area being A. & F. Williamson and H. J. Lea-Oakes supplying compound and blended feeds for all classes of livestock with full back up service for rationing to perfection.
and also liquid feeds such as molasses (offering a full service including tank).

Besides keeping the pests away and the cows fed, fuels and oils of any type can be supplied through CPL petroleum.
Established for 25 years and offering a one-stop package.

If you think that Jim could be of help to you why not contact him on: 07973 376884.

Jim Chadwick a useful addition to any farm business

If you would like to sponsor Greenheyes, please e-mail

For Pest Control - Moles to Mice, Rabbits to Red Deer, Foxes to Fying Insects (wasp nests a speciality).  If you would like to contact Jim, telephone 07973 376884

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