JULY 2000
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Lizzy on works experience and a days workJuly started as June finished: wet. So Lizzy our works experience and I painted and cleaned the milking parlour. Various mucking out jobs followed and then the weather began to change so we went pulling Ragwort for the stewardship scheme. Here is Lizzy showing the afternoon's labour.

As soon as Lizzy's two weeks ended the weather took up and we began our haymaking.

We have made 800 bales at home (on the heifer meadow) and 300 bales away from the farm these pictures show the full process from mowing to stacking in the shed.

Hay mowing
Mowing the Hay
The Hay Bob
The Hay_Bob
Bailing the hay
Bailing the Hay

Collecting the hay
Gathering the bales

Hay bales on the heifer meadow
Bale loaded trailer

Unloading the trailer
Unloading the bales

Just as we were finishing this Alan rang "shall I come combining on Sunday?" was the question. Here is Alan on his combine the trailer being emptied and a grain bin being filled.

Alan and his combine
Combine Harvester
Emptying the trailer
Emptying the trailer
Filling the bin
Filling the grain bins

So we now have all the grain bins full and the trailer is parked under the cubical shed still full.

Paul the cameramanRape cropThen we baled 700 bales of straw all is now stacked in the sheds. During this process we needed an extra tractor driver and here is Paul (the cameraman) in action (he found it a rare experience).

The forage Rape that we planted in June is now 30cm high and growing really fast (we should graze this in August). However we did have a wood pigeon problem as they were eating it off as the plants came through.

Jim our Corn/Fuel salesman & pest controlJim our corn/fuel salesman (visit the corn firm at www.hjleaoakes.co.uk.) also does pest control and he had a day shooting then we set the bird scarer going and they took the hint.

Bird and Smidge scarerThis picture (right) is of the scarer on the yard. I think Smidge would have had the fright of her life if it was switched on as the bang far exceeds that of a shotgun.

We have had 6 calves born this month 2 black and white bulls 3 black and white heifers and 1 angus bull this includes black and white twins.

Further news is that we have now finished writing the first draft of the nature trail and this will activate this month. Coming also on the machinery page will be lots more photos of the farm's machinery plus we are going to give the contractor's machines their own section.

Finally get a well soon to Andrew (our web boffin) as he is off work due to injury.

See you next month Phil


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