JUNE 2000
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Cutting the grass for silageIts 11.12pm as I'm sitting down to write this report. As you know I've been wanting to silage but the weather has been against us but last week the sun shone and we have finished.

The feed value may not be great but we certainly have plenty in the clamp. Further pictures will be available as we are planning to expand the machinery page to include 2 sections the farm's machinery and the contractor's machinery.

Today we have been helping Dorothy's father and brother to get their silage so I've milked late, as we didn't finish until 8pm.

Silaging at Greenheyes has had a first: when Robert mowed the Rancho he said that the rabbit warren in the middle of the field had grown larger it certainly had and I succeeded in turning a trailer on its side when I hit it wrong while ferrying the grass to the clamp! This has led to much ribbing from our contractor team.(and us Ha Ha Ha...)

2 cows have calved this month and one of them was just today giving us Angus twins 1bull 1 heifer to go with last week's Angus bull. Bad luck struck however earlier in the month with a heifer calving a big dead bull calf and subsequently dying from blood loss herself (so the vet said). As I've said before where there's livestock there's dead stock.

Also this month I have sown some rapeseed for the cows to graze in August.

Dutch harrow

Forage Rape as it is known, is easy to grow firstly the land is ploughed then it is worked into a fine seedbed with the "Dutch Harrows" then Rolled with the "Cambridge roller" the seed is then spread on with the fertilizer sower and it is finally rolled with the small flat roller. It was sown on the19th and the plants appeared by the 24th.

Cheshire Show 01Last week we had Daniel Hough a pupil from Woodford Lodge School in Winsford came for a weeks work experience he certainly seemed to enjoy it and was an excellent ambassador for his school being a good help when we were stewarding on the NFU stand at the Cheshire Show . Next month we are having Lizzy from Stockport for work experience and if the sun shines we will be haymaking.

Also for our farming watchers out there we have added a newsgroup link to our contacts page the group is called UK Business Agriculture and I think you will find it useful. Earlier in the report I mentioned Dorothy's brother visit his homepage at www.grahamhough.co.uk

Finally I would like to say a big HELLO to Thomas and Katie Woodward, Two fans who live in Bangkok,Thailand.

Well I got out of bed at 5.50 this morning it is now 11:55pm I'm off to bed.....

See you next month Phil


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