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On the 21st of June we spent the afternoon stewarding on the NFU stand at the Cheshire Agricultural show.

The NFU tent is like the trailer with its format. the aim is to inform people about the countryside. Farming has been in the news a lot recently and we were very impressed by the number of interested people.

Newly hatched chicks Greenheyes custom teeshirt...The tent contained various animals, pigs, sheep, cows, goats but the biggest hit with the children were the day old chickens and the model farm. Dorothy and myself wore our Greenheyes tee-shirts to promote the site.

the OLD manThe Young Farmer's Dairy QueenI was also given a badge to wear (something to do with the background to last months report) by the young farmer's dairy queen lady in waiting Rachel Oswell pictured here (The good looking young lady on the right)



Contractor Alan Bickerton on a combine harvester.Pedigree Dexter "Leese Emma B"One of our Contractors Alan Bickerton, who is pictured on the combine, has identical twin sisters Carole and Hazel who show pedigree Dexter cattle. Their cow Leese Emma B won the champion in her class and is pictured here.

Middlewich Young Farmers Club float -"Peter Pan"No show is complete without the young farmers floats competition and this year "films" was the theme. Middlewich (our club) won with Peter Pan.

The float parade usually finishes with a water fight in the main show ring but this year the weather beat them to it and the were soaked before competing.

We left just before the rain set in. PHIL.

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