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If you are a Cheshire teacher /pupil and you would like us to visit your school drop us a line via the email.

If you are unable to have a visit or are from elsewhere in the UK try contacting your local NFU office as there may be something similar near you. Also in Cheshire we have the "speakers panel". This is a group of farmers who can be contacted to provide a speaker for school classes or other events. Contact these by phoning the NFU regional office on 01695 554900.

For any primary school child there is the "FRIENDLY FARMER CLUB"

This is open to any child in the UK and membership is FREE if you are a teacher reading this why not join your pupils on-line in the countryside section of the NFU website. We usually hand joining forms out on visits with the trailer and often the whole class join together

We now are also showing a list of questions asked to me on a visit last year as you may find these useful if you are planning a farm visit.

This month I am starting a trailer "events diary" to show where the trailer or myself will be during this Summers events.

29/4 Winsford Shopping centre.

On the 24 April we were at the shopping centre in Winsford town centre.

As you can see from the photographs (point you mouse at the photo) a good time was had buy all, and we were very busy throughout the day.

 It ws not only the children who were excited by the chance to be up close with the animals, for many of the parents it was the first time that they had been in such close proximity and they to took great delight in the opportunity to touch and feel the animals:-)


Other dates include:......

27/5 Nantwich Civic Hall Food and Farming Event.
June - Cheshire Show 2000(NFU Countryside stand).
June -
Cheshire Show 2002(NFU Countryside stand).
Photos of 2001 Show not available due to cancellation of Show

Dates to be finalised for:......
Pine Lodge nursery school Sandbach.
Hebden Green Special School.
Roundwood School Wythenshaw.
Hawthorne School
Wimboldsley Primary School.
Gainsborough Junior School.

You only have to email me to add your school to this list!

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