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nfu trailer1

This picture was taken at HEBDEN GREEN SPECIAL SCHOOL
(one of Our regulars).

The Trailer was built in 1989 and is used for visits to CHESHIRE SCHOOLS. It is purpose built and is like a livestock trailer,but instead of solid sides it has mesh with curtains to protect the animals inside. There are 4 compartments

Children view the trailerUsually they will contain a calf, pig, poultry and if in season lambs.

These visits are virtually free and are usually accompanied by a question and answer session afterwards.

Teachers use these visits for numeracy and literacy lessons.

If you would like the trailer to visit your School then why not ask your teacher to drop us a line

Why not visit the NFU Website or for futher information try one of the contact numbers listed in our LINKS page or e-mail me by clicking on the link below.

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