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This year’s show was rather damp (see weather page) and showery but the marquee was still very well attended.

Most popular with the children were the hatching chicks and the ducklings.

Here I am as “duck monitor” holding one for the children to pet. The trouble with ducks is that they paddle in the water and trying to hold on with a child’s fingers is like trying to hold a bar of soap in the bath.

This is unfair to the ducks so we hold them.


The chicks were different and were able to be held.

The incubator was fascinating for young and old alike and at 6pm on the Tuesday evening we had to keep the marquee open while a crowd of about 20 (mostly adults) waited to watch a chick finally hatch.


As last year Brian Lowe did us proud with a marvelous donation of vegetables (all from Cheshire) for our Little Red Tractor display as shown here winning a display rosette.


The other winner and I must say quite a star was Lulu the Gloucester Old spot pig pictured here.

Lulu loves people and attention and rolls over on her back to have her “tummy tickled”.

As she left (crowd control by two passing Police officers) we commented on who had enjoyed her presence most Lulu or the children.

Here we have the other animal star the calf provided by Ray Brown from Goostrey.

I’I'm holding her under orders from the local press reporter who wanted a good children and animals picture.

Over the years we have tended to show the marquee (as I tend to spend all my time there during the show) this year however Andy and Graham spent some time photographing the rest of the show.

Taken from the rear of our marquee this shows some of the actual size of the show with the bandstand.

This was taken on the first day of the show (Tuesday) which weather wise was the better of the two.


Carrying further on Graham (a LandRover owner) took this of their trade stand.





Not having much call for a four wheel drive webbies vehicle of choice would be more along the lines of this sports car by british manufacture Nobel. (not on paramedic pay. sigh)




A feature of many shows is the local pony club and show jumping competitions and here are just some of the many horses on display.




From horses to horsepower and Graham’s next stop was the vintage tractor show.

The amount of work these people put in to restoration is huge and this Ford “Dexter” (tractor above) left is from the late 1950’s (not unlike Graham and Andy).

Andy’s picture with the NFU marquee shown to the right indicates just how heavy the weather was on the second day (Wednesday).

Despite the weather the show was well attended and all had a good time.

Webbies note (this picture shows a thunder storm which tracked just to the southeast of the show. had we been at home (6 miles away) we would have been under it).

Many other organizations are represented and here are the scout movement.

Their stand has a climbing tower and 2 years ago Barry the show Chaplin climbed it for charity and we missed him.


Agricultural machinery is always on display as a youngster I always remember drooling over that latest piece of new equipment, as this tractor drawn livestock container and this crop sprayer show.

In the main ring military bands are also a common sight as shown here.





Next also from the main ring the show of working “heavy” horses this one here with his show brasses and ribbons.

Competition is fierce for the best turned out horse.



With so many people attending the show it is inevitable that minor accidents and emergencies occur.

In order to keep you safe at a show the St John’s Ambulance and Red Cross volunteers are always on hand to assist. Pictured here are some of the St John's Ambulance


Finally the water fight that pretends to be the Young farmer’s float competition.

Simon has been involved for the last 2 years and Sarah is determined for 2005.


To see our Greenheyes stand in the education tent goto page 2

See you next show Phil.

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