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Me at the Greenheyes Stand

On Tuesday I went to the Cheshire Show with my Mum and Dad to help on the Greenheyes Farm Stand.

Before the show I had taken some photographs of wild animals and birds on the farm and my Dad helped me to print them and laminate them so that they could be put up on the wall.


I helped to show the visitors animals living in some pond water which had been taken from the farm pond and put in a tank.

We took a tiny drop out and put it under a microscope on a slide and showed them the tiny things moving in the water.

In a glass case we had four nests and on top four pictures one of a wasp, a wagtail, a swallow and a thrush.

The children had to match the bird or insect to the right nest. Then I had to check if they had got it right and give them a lolly if they had and if not show them the right one.


Our stand won 3rd in the competition for best stand in the tent and got a brown rosette which we stuck on the front of the stands tabetable.

Later on I went to look round the other things at the show.

There were lots of things to see these are some of the photographs I took as I walked round.

This first picture shows some of the people who went to the show.

It was very crowded and busy.

The arrow shows the tent that our stand was in.


It was not only schools from Cheshire that were at the show.

The boys and girls in this picture were from a school in South Africa.

They had come on a visit to Goostrey primary school that was twinned with their town. In the picture they are showing how they dance in South Africa.

There were a lot of other big tents at the show and they all had something different in them. Across from ours there was the National Farmers Union tent. This picture shows Mr Smallwood who invited me to the show.

He is having a quiz with some children. If they get the right answer they win a prize.

Also in the tent were some animals which you could touch and hold

These are some baby ducks

This is a Goat

Some piglets being fed by their mum

Newly hatched chicks

Also next to our tent were the Police and Fire Brigade.

One of the police stands was showing what a crime scene might look like.

This one was of a murder.




The Fire Brigade were showing a lot of their equipment.

They had a Smart Car that had been made into a fire engine, it looked funny.




On display in another of the large tents was this stand with cactus on it.

It was a very interesting display and won a gold medal


At another part of the show there was a dog show.

There were many different types at the show




In the main show ring there was a display by a Drag Hunt.

Instead of hunting for foxes, the hounds in a drag hunt follow the scent from a bag that has been dragged around the course for the dogs to follow.


This picture shows the clay pigeon shooting area.

Here clay targets are catapulted into the air and you have to try and shoot them down.

I would have liked a go but the guns were too big for me to hold safely.

Just about to go into the display ring were these two shire horses, a mum and her foal.

These are my mum’s favourite horses and my granddad used to be able to plough the fields with them when he was farming.

They are a very big and very strong horse.

Another very big animal that I saw were the Bulls.

This picture shows what my dad tells me is a Simmental Bull, which is the type of breed that it is.

This one won the champions rosette at the show.


If you wanted to you could go for a ride on this little steam engine which was pulling some small carriages behind it.

I also had a go at climbing a very high wall I had to put a harness on to stop me from falling.


After that I tried a bungee trampoline and my dad took a photograph of me on it

The last thing I went on was the quad bikes.

They were all really good but my favourite was the bungee trampoline.

At the end of the show there is a parade of floats made by the local young farmers clubs.

This year they were about cartoon characters.

They have a competition for the best of them and this year it was won by Middlewich.

I was glad when they won because my cousin Rebecca and my friends Sarah and Simon were on it.

The best part is the end because there is then a big water fight between all the floats and everyone gets very wet.

The pictures show some of the water fight.

I had a really nice day and saw lots of things.

I met lots of children from other schools while I was in the schools tent and would like to say Thank You to Mr Coulbeck and Mrs Hague for letting me go.

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