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As well as a presence in the NFU tent Greenheyes was also invited to display in the cheshire education tent.

As the following photographs show we were kept busy on both days of the show.

Get Ready - Dot and Caroline get ready for opening

Go - Margot lays down the ground rules for our little quiz

Paul demonstrates his electronic picture book

Caroline shows off some high res pictures of the small ones normally seen on the web site

Dot ask's some children to identify some of Greenheyes four-legged stars

We have a winner - A young man chooses his prize at the ID quiz.

Caroline shows pictures of some of the many wild flowers to be found at Greenheyes

Across from our stand was Cheadle Hulme school with a very impressive display.

On the opposite side was the stand from Quarry Bank Mill - Fancy a go at weaving

THE END - Dot loosens up at the end of a successful show
Disclamer - THIS PICTURE WAS NOT MY IDEA DOT, HONEST - Webby. No No put the gun down aaarrggh:-(

See you next show Phil.

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The 2001 show was cancelled due to foot and mouth


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