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Firstly apologies for the lateness of the report.

Those of you who are friends and follow the site will know about my Mother’s illness. Also Paul and Andrew's (webby) dad was also ill at the start of the month.

As a result this months report will of necessity be somewhat brief as I have obviously had to give priority to family matters. Thanks for your understanding.

February started windy and here I am repairing a loose sheet on the cubical shed roof. (for more on the weather click here).

Rainfall up to end of February 2004Most of the month has been spent muckspreading as it has been quite dry with only 45mm of rain and so the drive field and rancho are now finished.

The Universal tractor has been repaired and is now back in service having had a new clutch fitted.


Mum and CalfWe have had 3 calves born this month all Limousin 2 male one female.
All are doing well.

Fence constructionAlso we have been fitting a new fence by the slurry store made from girders and steel tube. The aim is to possibly use it as a slurry store extension in the future.

Here I am cutting the girders to size.

This month we have been very much on just the basic’s but one thing we have spent time doing is recording the cow’s milk yields this is done with the help of the national milk records company click here to learn more.

Thanks this month to webby for helping out by doing the nature report.

Back to normal next month (I hope) PHIL.

See you next month Phil



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