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Sad news for the start of this month as Derek the cockerel star of many trips with the NFU trailer has died.

Given his age he has done well and he has spent his life in the loft happy with the hens but I am missing his crowing in the morning, he used to start as soon as the yard light came on even though it was still dark.





This month has been drier at 62mm, looking at last year this is only 1mm more than for January 2002. The total for 2002 was 951mm which is 243mm more than the 2001 total of 708mm. (for those of us who prefer the old feet and inches 2001=2ft 3.87 inches. while
2002=3ft 1.40 inches)

We have had 7 calves born this month 2 black and white bulls, 1 simmental bull, 1 simmental heifer, 1 jersey heifer and one angus bull.

One Black and white bull also born dead (it seems a bad month for this)

This summer we will be milking 70+ cows this means the collecting yard will finally be finished.

In 1990 when we put the parlour in we left some old stall work on one side and now this year we will need the space.

We are currently concreting the old feed passage as it needs to be raised to the same floor level as the rest of the collecting yard. When this is complete we will remove the wall and pipework as you should see over the next month.

The month began frosty and we have spread muck on the rancho and half the humpety back. Once the store was empty we cleaned out the heifer cubicals and stockyards aided as usual by Trevor and the bobcat.

The frosty weather has allowed some hedgecutting to be done and here is contractor Paul hard at work on the roadside hedge.

We have left yet more trees and will be showing them soon.

Several members of the team have been in pantomime this month click here to find out more.

Greenheyes has won another NFU regional award for the farming ambassador 2003.

Here I am collecting the certificate from guest speaker Sir Don Curry.

Fellow award winner was Andrew Garnett (left) who won farming business of the year and NFU secretary of the year Peter Morgan.


The awards were presented at the annual NFU luncheon and here is retiring county chairman Chris Shaw together with incoming chairman Tony Garnett.

Thanks to all who have emailed this month, December was quiet however it seems many of you are studying farming at school at present judging by our January post bag….keep them coming.

Happy birthday for Becky 14 on the 1st of February the same day as my mum whose age is classified also this month a birthday mention to my little sister Jean 40 on the 26th.

Jean lives in Christchurch New Zealand together with Husband Mike her three children.

Click here for the nature report together with an out of sorts snake

See you next month Phil


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