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Up until Christmas we had only had 53mm 0f rain and I had managed amongst the Christmas preparations to ¾ empty the slurry store.

Since Christmas we have had a further 51mm giving a monthly total of 104mm so everywhere is now sodden again.

We have had 4 calves born this month 1 Simmental bull 2 Black and white bulls and 1 black and white heifer.

After 3 years of running this site we have finally managed to get a calving cow picture. Both doing well but the cow has had a slight infection in one teat this is called Mastitis click here to learn more. She is now however fully recovered. These pictures show the calf literally being born.

Both the scraper tractor and loader tractor have had problems with their clutches and 4 days before Christmas Paul and I fitted a new one into the Scraper tractor.

This picture is of the old clutch notice how worn the plates are, this means the tractor simply will not go either forward or back.

We should have taken more pictures but time meant we just got on with the job.

We will have to take some when we repair the Loader tractor.

We therefore have fitted the loader onto the scraper tractor and the loader tractor is being used to bed the cows with straw using the straw chopper .

24 hours of rain on the 30th meant that we also had to bring in the last of the heifers in for the winter here they are tucking into some silage. There was still some grass left on the meadows by the river but 1m of water has put a stop to that.

As Christmas came nearer we had the annual visit from the young farmers carol singers. They are just as tuneless as when I was a member but what counts is they raise money for charity. This year our youngsters all joined in.

As usual we spent some time plucking turkeys at Dorothy’s father’s farm but this year I thought we would show a finished bird straight from the oven. Very nice it was too.

On the 30th we attended the wedding of our friends Elizabeth and Brian pictured here, I must say a real meeting of old friends and congratulations to both for the future.

Finally from all of us at we would like to thank everyone for their interest and support for the past year.

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See you next month PHIL.

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