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111mm of rain this month and most fell during the first 2 weeks making me think that I would end up emptying the gauge before the month was over. However this did not quite happen.

The gauge holds up to 125mm but the way December is starting perhaps this month it will

We held the annual bonfire night on the 2nd and actually managed the only 2 dry hours of the day when we lit the fire click here for more.

Last month we were inspected by our dairy company and we now have this certificate to show we passed on the 4th we had another inspection this time the dairy inspector from the government (DEFRA Department for environment food and rural affairs).

This lady arrived on a Monday morning just as things were late anyway so one more that morning made little difference and it was someone to talk to instead of just the cows she was however camera shy.

The cows are now in for the winter and these pictures show the difference between maize (right) and grass silage. They certainly seem happy with both as this picture shows.

This year we have to buy all the bedding straw and here is our supplier Matthew with our first load.

Smidge thought the big new tractor far better than any of ours and took a place on the seat.

The Fiat tractor has developed a "terminal" gearbox problem and so this month has seen us buy this International tractor it is a 1982 model and will do for what we will need.

We bought it from a farm about 40 miles away and I drove it home one Sunday and it took 1hour 40 minutes.

First job muckspreading and Webby was on had with camera however a broken wheel centre on the loader left me groping about in the slurry much to his amusement. ( I was very sympathetic Ha ha ha ha... Click HERE for a short video (rm) clip)

Last month saw Paul acting this month was Simon, Hannah and Lucy's turn in a Middlewich young farmers production called "The Farmer Wants a Wife" click here for a full report.

Finally after missing last year due to the foot and mouth restrictions we have had our first reminder that Christmas is not so far away. Paul (another one) owner of the Booseys garden centre in Middlewich has been for his 2 bales of straw.

Paul is like Santa he usually visits once a year and like Santa he has Reindeer at Christmas. They come every year and here they are at a pre flight check before flying home to Santa for Christmas Eve.

Click here for the nature report with due to the mild weather a not so sleepy squirrel.

Happy birthday to Hannah 16 on the 25th her party is here in the cellar next month after Herself , Simon and Lucy have finished their GCSE mock examinations (good luck to all!) pictures next month!!!!



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