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In the United Kingdom maize is grown for silage unlike in warmer drier countries where it is grown for grain.

We have never grown maize before at Greenheyes but this year we are giving it a try.

As this is a first for us, I thought that it might be interesting to document theprocess of growing and harvesting our first maize crop.

Maize is useful for a dairy farmers like us for two main reasons

1. It is a good feed for cattle when combined with grass silage.
2. It makes good use of manure.

Firstly the field was sprayed to remove problem weeds such as docks and then a heavy application of muck applied.

Next the field was ploughed and then power harrowed. These are Richardsons 2 power harrows.

The power harrows leave a fine and soft seedbed for the seed pictured here, to be planted in by this machine.

Pictured here the plants are now 150mm high and it is 26 days since sowing.



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