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If you look at May 2001's report we had 65mm of rain but this came as a deluge and dried out quickly afterwards, this year has been different with 75mm spread through the second half of the month leaving everywhere wet underfoot.


We have had 5 calves born this month 2 black and white bulls and 1 black and white heifer. Also sadly we had Simmental twins born dead.

Twins are often a problem for cows and are referred to by some farmers as "twins disease".

The first week of May was quite dry and Richardsons sowed the maize on the 1st.

Here is Chris with the sower in action. I have decided to feature the crop during this year so click on the link to learn more about the maize crop.

Also shown here is Andrew our Webby metal detecting on the field here he is with a "find" these are usually musket balls or old plough parts however click here to visit the club he belongs to.

We have not yet cut the silage although the clamp is cleaned out ready so we have spent most of the wet weather tidying up the yard and cubical shed as we aim to have a Jubilee Barbeque on the 3rd.

Here is Hannah hard at work with the powerwasher and here am I cutting up logs from the pile of timber we had tipped on the farmyard using the circular saw.


And this is a full wood store. One thing about having this barbeque it made us tidy up!

Between showers the fertiliser needs sowing and here is Anthony from Gibsons delivering some.

We buy some in the small bags as our system of grazing means you may only need to put 200kgs on at once instead of the 500kg bags and this is more efficient. Visit Gibsons at

Finally may I remind you to visit us at the Cheshire county show on the 18th/19th of June 2002 I will be there both days so come and say hello.

Over the next 2 months is in for some changes in the way the site is presented. As it is now spanning around 150 pages (webbies note: I shall have to start charging him :-), We thought that we had better try and improve the navigation around the site.

Click here for the nature report PHIL.

See you next month Phil


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