APRIL 2002

Rainfall for April 2002

Tom loading our trailer with silageThe month started out dry and there was only 49mm of rain for the month.

However for the first 10 days we had frost every morning so the grass was slow growing.

Some of the cows went out on the 3rd but we ran out of silage on the 11th so we have been fetching silage from Dorothy's father's farm as he and Graham have some surplus.

We have had 6 calves born 5 live and 1 born dead (a black and white bull) 3 black and white heifers 1 Simmental bull and one black and white bull.

Calves in pens at auctionDisinfection before leaving auctionThis month we have FINALLY been able to sell some of the backlog of cattle and calves, and these pictures were taken at our local auctioneers Wright-Manley see the calves in the pens and also the disinfection procedure before returning home.

Visit the auctioneer's site at www.wrightmanley.co.uk

Last month saw me sowing fertiliser and this month we have been rolling the fields with the heavy roller as pictured here (this has been mainly Simon's job) also on the 23rd we have cleaned out our sheds with the Bobcat and spread the muck on the drive field ready for the maize crop.

The field has been sprayed to kill any weeds and now is being spread leaving us with the slurry store at it's most empty for about 4 years.

Edwards Bobcat were unavailable due to illness (get well soon Barry) so this is Trevor hard at work click here to see more of the Bobcat.

Also this month we have had Daniel (pictured here with Smidge) with us for 2 weeks work experience

Also pictured here on an old tractor is Daniel's Grandfather Bob (he is the one on the tractor) pictured in about 1948 the coincidence being that he was at my grandfather's farm.

Daniel was a great help with the fencing we needed to do.

This month saw some repairs being carried out by our Estate Joiner David, and here he is repairing the farmhouse.

When you see our next report it will be June and as you may know from reading the journal I am involved with the Cheshire County Agricultural Show, we are already in preparation for this year's show and here are some of the committee that put on our marquee pictured from the left and going round the table are Pat (our chairman), Mark (from stockley open farm), Gill (our hardworking secretary) , Duncan, Mike and James.

The show is on the 18th and 19th of June so put it in your diary.
See you next month with more on the maize crop click here for an equally packed nature report PHIL.

See you next month Phil



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