MARCH 2007
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Monthly Rainfall graphMarch has been quite dry with only 47mm of rain falling this means that as the month ends I’m back at the muckspreader and we should finish spreading early April.

Two more of the shed doors are now fitted this picture is me preparing steelwork for the door runners watched by Daniel who as we see is wearing the appropriate safety glasses.

shed blocks in placeThe blockwork by the sides is also completed so we will have three bays ready to use.

Here I am putting the final blocks in on my improvised scaffolding which was actually more stable than the real trestles and planks I usually use.

The first job in the shed being a new clutch fitted into the 784 tractor, Plus various other mechanic jobs.

Things come round quickly and towards the end of the month I have attended two meetings in preparation for the 2007 Cheshire show, June 19/20 will soon arrive, together with June 10th which is the LEAF organization’s Open Farm Sunday which we aim to take part in again this year.

Anyone who wishes to come for a real look at us unlike our usual group visits so if you and/or your family would like a walk around perhaps a bit of pond dipping look at the cattle or a view of some of our vintage machinery 10th of June is your chance. THERE IS NO ADMISSION FEE OR PARKING CHARGE.

To learn more about Leaf open farm Sunday or to see if there is an event near to you if Greenheyes is too far click here

Back in March 2004 I reported on our one non black and white cow in the herd  having a red and white female well here we are now and the baby of 2004 has now had her own baby.

I’m currently wondering on a name as it’s grandmother is a Holstein cross jersey and it’s mother is crossed with a shorthorn. This little one’s father is a red and white friesian. She is doing well and lets see what we get in another 30 months time if all goes well.

Having a farm means having space to park/store things and the latest request should set us off racing literally.

Peter Hamlet local rally car driver was looking for a park for his and his daughter Hayley’s cars. We were only too glad to oblige the deal being that they carry our “real farming in a virtual world” name similar to that on the roadshow.

More next month when I actually interview Peter and we then hope to plot the cars progress throughout the season.


Finally don't foget to check out our nature page

See you soon PHIL.


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