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Yearly rainfall Although only 66mm of rain fell it came in heavy bursts the first being on the 8th which started with a wet snow cover of around 6cm followed by rain giving a 27mm water reading over the 36 hour period.

So it is now back to soggy fields stopping any further muckspreading.

We had to fetch a heifer back from Norcroft rather quickly as it decided to prepare for calving earlier than expected, she gave birth to a bull calf.

The mother looks like a black Holstein however the son  looks like a white spotty Holstein. It is actually a jersey cross.

Six udders instead of fourGenetics can be funny things and outcome can’t always be predicted. This is an underside picture of the heifer’s udder. Can you spot what makes it unusual? ….strange animal!!

On the 11th we had Alix a first year vet student from Lyon staying with us for 2 weeks work experience.


From right to left Alix Margot and DelpheneAlix together with fellow students Margot and Delphene  wanted to work on UK farms and so Myself along with fellow farmers Phil and Alistair provided placements click here to learn more.

Roller ShuttersBack to our ongoing building project and we have now bought the last roller shutter door for the shed (hurray for ebay) and now are starting by fitting the girders to form the doorways as pictured here.

Simon converts his old car to a 38 seaterBack in December Simon had an argument with a signpost ("...It wasn't my fault officer, it jumped out in front of me without any warning...") while driving and to fix the car we had bought a body shell for parts.

This shows the remains of the shell converted into a “38 seater” (not much leg room though) with the addition of some old scrap chairs as Simon is showing off here.

Next month sees the doors being fitted (I think Phil means to the new building project, not the car) plus I hope lots more muckspreading.

Finally, click here for our nature report

See you next month Phil



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