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Rainfall graph91mm of rain has seen the start of the month very wet but from the 20th things cooled and we saw some frost only around minus three but the cold wind began to dry the fields so back to the muckspreading and the drive field and long field are now finished and the store is at the most empty since last spring.

The main weather event however occurred on the 18th with gale force winds reaching nearly 90mph. Winds of this speed are uncommon in the UK and is usual when they do occur we are unprepared. For our Nature Report this month Andy will be giving a report on the damage that the winds did and a bit of info on what wind is.

Earlier in the month saw us take delivery of another shipping container for storage given the recent events down in Devon I DIDN’T go scavenging.

On the livestock side we have had one Angus heifer calf this month and mother and calf both doing well.

With the wet earlier in the month we have found time to lay the tiles for our kitchen/brew area and put up partitioning walls now that we have the first door fitted we are waiting for parts to fit the second one and we now have a third door so only one more to find.

Our aim is to have a brick finish on the shed walls and this has now been started using second hand bricks from the rubble we have used in the base.

Daniel brick sortingThis has kept Daniel our works experience very busy sorting out and cleaning the bricks and I must say he is becoming quite an expert.

This is his current stack (well over 500) and here are the 600 he prepared earlier it will look nice when finished.

Only about another 8000 bricks to go Dan !!

Two cows opening parlour doorThese two cows looking at me through the parlour door from the collecting yard are both adept at nosing the door open.

However we now have an in-calf  heifer in the herd who has figured out how to open the double sliding doors at the collecting yard end of the parlour.

Tractor holds parlour door closedLetting themselves into the parlour ready for milking is useful letting themselves out before they have been milked is not.

The tractor wedging the door shut is currently a solution until I fit some door bolts!!


New County ChairmanThis picture is of the new Cheshire county Chairman Richard Clegg along with is wife Karen and outgoing Chairman Ian Lloyd and his wife Liz at the annual luncheon.

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome Richard into the “hot Seat”.

Now regulars to this site will know my love of cricket and being a full subscriber to the England’s barmy army of fans I must thank head office for arranging the seating plan putting me next to Rowena from head office.

Here I must point out that Rowena is an Australian and was given the opportunity to gloat over their FLUKE ashes victory.  

Spreader and tractor parked upThis is a picture I never thought I would get to take the tractor and spreader actually parked in the store ready for loading up the ramp.

Next field to spread the milestone and if it dries up a little more February may see us start ploughing on the Rancho.

Also next month I am out for my first school visit of the season at Smallwood Primary where we are looking at farming past, present and future.

The first of February sees Becky’s 18th birthday and she will be visiting the USA together with boyfriend William. Pictures next month.

Finally Don't forget to vist our Nature Page

That's it for this month regards Phil


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