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Firstly I must apologise to our regular readers for our lack of updates since August. Webby’s father in-law has been in hospital for an operation and Andy and Sue have had enough on their plates. I can report now that he is now recovering well at home .

96 mm of rain and the only dry weather window in the month was a few days before Christmas and until the Thursday after.

So undeterred I went spreading on Boxing day until a breakdown stopped me.

Next day however parts were obtained and fitted and away again (thanks very much to Tony at Cheshire bearings) but as I write this we have had 6mm of rain so far today January 1st so things are again filling up fast.

the pondthe pond 2This picture was taken of a fence by the pond on September 1st and the next taken today. Quite a rise in levels as you can see.

One black and white bull calf and one heifer born this month both calves and cows are  doing well I can report.

The shed with first doorBack to our construction project and now we are on to fitting the doors and we now have our first fitted.

This will form a secure store and double as a gift shop when needed.

The doorway for the roller shutter was first fitted and next the side door and blockwork (Mick’s department) and then we fitted the roller curtain under Webby’s watchful eye he may choose to tell you more…..

Once we have a brick finish on the doorway it will look really smart. We aim to fit our next door over the next week or two depending on weather. Wet : Door fitting. Dry: muckspreading.

Christmas has been spent mostly in the muck as I stated and as we go into 2007 I am starting the New Year with a back injury picked up shovelling cow corn in the loft.

2006 has seen 23 visits both on and off the farm from a class of reception children age 4-5 years to a Gentleman’s church group with an average age of 70 many have already booked for this year.

I think we did well catering for such an age range. It has been great fun and let’s go for it in 2007.

Finally don't forget to check up on our nature report

Happy new year PHIL.

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