December 2006
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Due to other pressing circumstances I have not had much time these last couple of months to get out and take that many photographs so please excuse what is a rather short report.

Fallen WillowWe had a little high wind at the start of the month and as a result I found my usual path along the bank of the river Dane View of trunk of willowobstructed by this rather substantial willow that had succumbed to the force of the wind.

A slightly different view of the trees trunk shows that it has been split right down to ground level. (A little puzzle for you. Since no one observed it fall, did it make a sound as it fell? how do you prove your answer?)

ditches in the middle meadowOne of the the effects of thelow angle of the winter sun is that it highlights normally difficult to see features in the land.

In the middle meadow there are a series of now shallow ditches which run along its southern border and are normally hard to follow.

However the low angle of the light in this photograph shows part of series quite clearly. I think if I can get a little spare time I shall try and make a little survey of them and try to see there is any form or function to them.

Wren stood upon postWhile I was taking the pictures of the ditches a burst of bird song attracted me to this little wren which had landed on a nearby robin in hawthorn bushpost.

As if not to be out done this Robin also burst into song and I was treated to a lovely birdsong duet.

Blackbird in the bramblesAnother bird known for its song is the blackbird.

On this occasion this one was keeping quite and trying not to attract my attention.



Longtailed titAlso keeping a eye on me was this longtailed tit.

Actually there must have been ten or twelve of them in a small flock.

They move along the hedgerow in these small groups looking for food.

The final photograph is of my companion (pest) Smidge.

Smidge chases pheasantI think that she may have her eye upon a bit of food in the shape of the phesant that you can see in front of her.

However stealth is not one of Smidge's strong points and the pheasent easily avoided her.


Well that's all for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL

More next month Andy


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