February 2007
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Bit of a short one this month I'm afraid. Emergencies at home, work commitments and the weather conspired against me.

As is usual, my wanderings led me down to the river. The two images below show a view of the bank which has the archaeology in it.

lefthand image of stereo pairRighthand image of stereo pair

Although they look identical they are actually taken from two slightly different angles to form what is called a stereo pair. To view the pair take a piece of thin card about A4 size, place one edge along the line where the two photographs meet and hold the other end of the card to your nose. If you look at the two images you should now see what appears to be a single image in 3D.

If the above method does not work for you there are other ways to try to see the image you will need to find one that works for you.

Whirlpool in the DaneAs I mentioned the weather has had its moments, as a result the water in the river is quite turbulent.

The photograph shows one of many small whirlpools formed by the turbulence. Although this was only a small whirlpool such objects can be very large especially at sea.

Rain fallin from cloudThe photograph on the left shows yet more rain falling from an approaching cloud. Remarkably very little actually reached the ground, most evaporated as it fell to earth.

Sun behind cloudIt was not all rain and gloom however as this photograph on the right shows.

Here the sun is about to reappear from behind a rain cloud and rays of sunlight fan out across the sky. The rays are made visible by tiny particles of ice, and increasingly these days, dust in the atmosphere.

A face in the cloudAs you look at this last picture of a cloud use your imagination.

To me I can see the outline of a face, role your mouse over the photograph to see what I mean.

Next time you go out why not make a game of seeing what shapes you can see in the clouds. It can be very amusing.

Finally, Looking on from above this Chaffinch must have been amused at my seeing faces in the sky, its just a cloud after all.

See you next month Andy.


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