MAY 2003
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This month started wet and for the most did not improve until toward the last week. Rainfall was 86mm, the wettest May since we began recording.

This month we have bought a temperature sensor and have been recording the maximum and minimum temperatures since the 24th we hope you will find this interesting and useful and have therefore decided to create a dedicated weather page. Click here to view.

The International tractor we bought has now been fitted with its loader and thanks to Steve from VETAG for sorting out the hydraulic piping.

This tractor is twice the power of the other loader and will be of great use next winter when we are feeding the cattle.

We have spent time spraying the thistles on the left-hand and middle meadows, as due to the last 2 years of wet weather they seemed to take over in two places.

Chris our ECM advisor planned out the necessary spray programme and they should not be seeding this year.

Due to the flooding we have always had a history of weed problems on those two fields.

Richardsons have sown the maize and this year we are growing it on the milestone and the cottage paddock. I hope it will be as successful as last year.

At time of writing this report it has 3 leaves and is ready to spray for weed. Maize likes plenty of muck and besides cow muck we have also used treated sewage sludge supplied by United Utilities Agricultural Services.

Here they are in action spreading

Next month will see us silaging and we are having visitors. Kylie and Jolene for works experience and for all of June Fabien from France who is on a student exchange from his collage and Reaseheath collage.

If you visit the Cheshire Show please call in at our NFU countryside stand or the Cheshire education stand and say hello we will be there both days.

Also this month Paul and I have spent time repairing Paul's car as the cam belt had snapped while the car engine was running.

This is generally very serious on any car and the engine was a total write-off.

Fortunately we acquired a scrap car and spent several days swapping engines and some parts.



When we had finished we stripped the old engine to look at the damage removing the plugs showed enough, but removing the cylinder head (the top of the engine) the full extent was revealed as this photo shows.

To any drivers reading this DON'T put off replacing a cam belt.


This month's nature report is looking a tree "flowers" and some nesting birds. Then and now is showing some of the bird life of 50 years ago.

See you next month Phil


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