JUNE 2003
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Rainfall June 2003June started wet with 49mm falling in the first 5 days and then nothing until the last 2 giving a total of 72 mm for the month.

See the weather page for further details.



We have had 5 calves born this month 2 black and white bulls one black and white heifer one Simmental bull and our jersey cow has calved giving us a jersey cross shorthorn bull.

If you have read our April 2001 report, you would have read about one of our cows that we have called "Negative 7"

Negative 7This as the photograph on the left shows was due to the marking on her forehead which had the appearance of a mirrored number seven. Number 7

The sharp eyed amongst you will have spotted the "Number 7" marking on a calf in the picture of our new arrivals and shown in more detail on the right.

It is not only the marking that is opposite, the young calf is male, so alas we will not be keeping him.

Early in the month I sprayed the Maize for weeds watched by works experience victims Kylie and Jolene who spent part of their time painting the milking parlour.

Fabien - 3rd year StudentMowing the HayOnce they finished we had Fabien a visitor from southern France who stayed with us for nearly a month.

Fabien is a third year agricultural student and was over for the experience.

He arrived two days before the weather dried up and we did the silaging and was very useful as he knew how to use the mower and he did nearly all the mowing.

The BuckrakeHaving cut the grass for silage it was then collected and brought to the clamp. Here is Chris (left) in action once again and we are showing this month the Buckrake in operation.

Fabien is from a beef farm and had never milked cows before but he was very willing to learn and with his limited English and my limited French we got on well.

Cheshire Show The 17th and 18th saw the Cheshire County show which this year saw record attendances.

My involvement with the NFU saw me spend 3 days there in the Public relations marquee while Dorothy, Margot, Paul and Andy were displaying the website in the Schools Out Marquee.

Back home again and we have started haymaking and hope to bale it in early July.

Holly Tree FarmFinally on the 29th Andy, Graham and I attended the Holly Tree farm shop's open day. It was a glorious afternoon and the attractions had assured a large attendance.

Holly tree farm shop is owned and run by Mike and Carol Bailey and I must recommend it as well worth a visit.

They are literally right by junction 19 of the M6 motorway on the side of the A556. Carol's speciality sausages are something else.

The Nature report is showing some fledglings this month and Then and Now is comparing the 3m mower with the 1.25 horse drawn model and don't forget our weather page

See you next month Phil


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